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Electrical Circuit



At Ostwald Steele Electrical, we provide comprehensive electrical services for residential, commercial, industrial and mining clients. Our skilled electricians offer tailored electrical solutions including electrical design, installations, repairs, and maintenance. We are committed to providing reliable and efficient electrical solutions that comply with industry standards and requirements. Thanks to successful expansion in the renewable energy field, we are also equipped and specialise in solar power, EV power, off-grid living systems, and energy storage solutions. With a focus on quality and sustainability, we help you achieve efficient and eco-friendly electrical and energy solutions - All for a better future!


Industrial & Mining

Ostwald Steele Electrical Pty Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services for all industrial and mining companies. We provide everything from complete temp/permanent infrastructure builds and electrical installations, to electrical repairs and system upgrades. Having over a decade of experience in mining and remote electrical work, we confidently offer options for standalone power generation systems, complete with renewable energy options.



Ostwald Steele Electrical Pty Ltd is the go-to electrical company for all your residential needs. With expertise in lighting, power, maintenance, and smart home systems, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored for your home, shed and outdoor areas. Whether it's a new build, renovation, landscaping, or electrical upgrade, we have the team and knowledge ready to bring all of your ideas to life.
You can count on us to find the right solution for you!



Ostwald Steele Electrical Pty Ltd is a trusted provider of commercial electrical services, offering quality electrical installations, repairs and maintenance for businesses of all shapes and sizes. With experienced and certified electricians on staff, Ostwald Steele Electrical Pty Ltd can provide comprehensive and reliable electrical solutions to meet all of your commercial needs.

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