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Active Mining Area showing an 2 excavators loading trucks, another 2 trucks driving around


Ostwald Steele Electrical continues to deliver quality professional tradesmen and tradeswomen to the mining industry. Covering multiple trades and specialising in electrical and mechanical fields, we consistently ensure maintenance tasks are carried out effectively and efficiently. A/C (electric drive) Haul Trucks are our laser focus in the mining world. We understand the value of having a consistently high operational fleet of trucks and pride ourselves on preventing downtime, and fast diagnosis and repair on breakdowns. 

We also research and develop necessary technology & equipment to ensure we continually expand solutions and provide the very best outcomes for our clients. No problem is to big or too small to improve on and having incredible research and development support, we are sure to find a solid solution.

an Ostwald Steele Electrica Toyota Prado with a view including a mine site with haul trucks on ramps and a mining pit
Open pit mine industry, big yellow mining truck for coal anthracite.



HV & LV Electrical & Auto Electrical

Clean energy and electricity is becoming the chosen way to go... being vital to our company values through creating clean energy our professionals are upskilled and given knowledge to ensure we are 


Heavy Diesel Fitting & Maintenance Supervisors

Maintenance on mining equipment is vital for efficiency, productivity and longevity of all site equipment. With a professional team of HD Fitters from various backgrounds, including OEM qualified fitters, we have a wealth of mining knowledge and resources. Our team also consists of a limited number of qualified supervisors who understand the industry and are ready to assist and step up when necessary


Technical Support & Maintenance Planning

As equipment advances, so does the technology. Our team are trained in the latest advances in OEM equipment thanks to many years of industry relationships. 

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