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pLEV HP Smart Lance

What is pLEV?

The pLEV is a portable local exhaust ventilation unit that is used for cleaning electrical cabinets and components on large electrical mobile plant and equipment, initially designed for both Electric Drive Haul Trucks, electric shovel and Dragline componentry.

The pLEV is used to remove hazardous mining dusts and particulate matter from enclosed electrical areas such as Electrical Cabinets, Alternators, Blower Motors, MG sets, Grids, etc. The process works by creating negative pressure and contained environments for dust to be disturbed and extracted using the pLEV unit.

pLEV system set up extractor, hose and HP lance

pLEV Components

  • pLEV Extractor

  • pLEV Trolley

  • pLEV HP Smart Lance

  • pLEV HV Smart Lance

  • pLEV™ Covers 

pLEV Extractor

pLEV™ Extractor

The heart of the pLEV™ system! The pLEV™ Extractor is the component that safely extracts airborne dust created through the electrical cabinet cleaning process. The dust is extracted by using a 2 kilowatt 2 stage extraction fan, to vacuum the dust particles. Twice filtered, first through a cyclone system and then through a secondary cartridge filter, the air released by the pLEV™ is clean air. Run by a 2 kilowatt, two stage extraction fan, negative pressure and vacuum is a constant while the extractor is operational, ensuring dust is contained at all times.

pLEV™ HP & HV Smart Lances

Both feature illumination, exposure monitoring, compressed air pressure control (70psi Max pressure, aligned with OEM standards) and cloud-based reporting. Both lances monitor exposure through dual air quality sensors with shutdown technology at the ready if an exposure event was to occur. The lances are also fitted with negative pressure sensors which prevent the lances being used outside the intended purpose and parameters.

pLEV SmartLance HP
pLEV SmartLance EX

pLEV™ Workshop Trolley

pLEV™ Workshop Trolley is the best option for safe and secure storage and protection of pLEV™ equipment. It offers storage for all pieces of equipmentincluding: pLEV™ Extractor, SmartLance™s, covers, hoses, cables, fittings, filters, catch cans, consumables and more. With all the equipment in one location, you will save time and money on your service schedule.

Additionally, the pLEV™ Workshop Trolley is fitted with a compressed air/filtration system to ensure only clean air is ever used around your electrical equipment.

pLEV™ Covers

pLEV Covers™ are completely transparent, light-weight, durable and tailored to most common electrical cabinets and components. Designs suitable for Komatsu, Liebherr, Caterpillar and various equipment, ensures the correct cover is used to seal the correct cabinet - minimising risk of potential dust exposure. pLEV has also created and developed MG set and electric motor covers as necessary for effective and safe cleaning.

pLEV Smartlance HP being used throuhg pLEV Covers on a trial cabinet
Conceptual pLEV trolley design
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pLEV™ offers real time cloud-based tracking and reporting

OSE Gear White.png

pLEV™ is Australian invented, developed, designed, and manufactured

OSE Gear White.png

Dust property analysis for machine condition and HSE monitoring available

OSE Gear White.png

pLEV™ can be operated alongside maintenance tasks without interruption

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